Sempre Abril, S.L. designs and manufactures deterrent devices to scare and prevent landing of pigeons, starlings, turtledoves to the farms, crops fields, cattle feed, industrial facilities, buildings, port facilities, airports, etc.


The EOLO products break the protocol entry of birds, causing their discomfort, avoiding their landing or entry into agricultural holdings, farms or cattle feed, and keeping them away. All EOLO devices work by wind action, and they are resistant to inclement weather. The EOLO devices are the best way to fight birds with ecologic criteria.


Eolo Hawk

The Eolo Hawk scarecrow is designed to deter all kind of birds in farms, crop fields, cattle feed, industrial and urban buildins, port and airport facilities. Its dissuasive effect, scare away birds instantly and permanently thanks to its continued flight, with just a slight breeze.

The damage caused by flocks of birds affect both the seeds, vegetables crops, fruit trees, vineyards and also the cattle feed, etc. These flocks, can end up with the whole with the products of a farm with the consequent economic losses.

There are many birds considered as pests like pigeons, turtledove, starlings, linnets, magpies, gulls, etc. The Eolo Hawk scarecrow fights them in an ecological and natural way  simulating a natural predator.

Made of high resistance technical fabric with UV protection, the Eolo Hawk comes equipped with a telescopic mast 5 or 7mts. of height and an invisible monofilament. Their fiberglass rods covered with resin give it the strength so that the Eolo Hawk makes flights and chopped from 10 to 14 meters.of height simulating a bird of prey, projecting shadow of its silhouette at large distances.

Eolo TV Antenna

One of the locations that birds use as landing element are the TV antennas. Their presence in them, causes through their dregs, sanitary problems in spaces inhabited by people such as terraces, skylights, awnings, etc. Installing the Eolo TV Antenna scarecrow, it will delete these problems completely thanks to its rotational and random movement by wind action. Another benefits of this device, is delete the incessant sounds that birds release and also the occasionals losses of signal TV, due to the accumulation of birds in the antenna.

Eolo Industrial & Urban

Other elements birds use to landing are the  outdoor machinery, like air aonditioners or refrigeration, ventilation boxes, etc. With the installation of the Eolo Industrial & Urban scarecrow, it will avoid its malfunction due to the accumulation of feathers and dregs, and we able to prevent its spoilage and premature aging and  recurring repairs.

Eolo Garden

The Eolo Garden scarecrow is ideal device to scare birds and protect :


- Urban crops.

- Local turfs replanting.

- Crops tables.

Eolo Guarda

The Eolo Guarda is a light and effective anti aves device ideal to be installed at port & urban signals, lamp posts and strategic locations that  birds use as a settlement.



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